Multnomah Club WWI Enlisted

The Oregonian, 10 Feb 1918, page 28

The annual business meeting and election of trustees of the Multnomah Amateur Athletic Club will take place next Tuesday night in the club gymnasium. The retiring trustees are W. W. Banks, F. W. Camp, L. P. Bruce, M. H. Whitehouse, R. W. Wilbur, G. G. Jones and B. C. Ball.

The candidates for trustees on the club ticket are W. W. Banks, F. W. Camp, E. D. Kingsley, Harry Fischer, Elmer E. Young, C. P. Osborne and H. A. Sargent.

The Multnomah Club service flag, with 506 stars, will be dedicated with appropriate ceremony by Dr. A. A. Morrison, himself a member of the club, preceding the annual business meeting and election of the officers.

Probably no athletic institution in the country has contributed more members to the ranks than the Winged-M organization. From the very outset of the United States entry into the worldwide conflict Multnomah Club members have enlisted in various branches of the service.

Three gold stars for the members who died while in the service will be attached to the flag in a few days. Gerald Barrett, Dr. A. T. Yielding and J. Austin Williams were the Winged-M warriors who have passed into the great beyond while in the service of their country.

Immediately after the flag dedication and business meeting there will be a big entertainment.

The following Multnomah Club members have enlisted: