Multnomah County Probate Index

The links below point to the first name on each of 90 index pages.

This is an index of all the probate cases for 1852-1939 in Multnomah County. It includes 34,700+ Estates(E), 193 Will Contests, 11,700+ Guardianships(G), and 125+ Postponed Estates. The GFO does NOT have the originals of these probate files. We do have the early DAR abstracts of the probate files extending to 1900. Come to the library to check the abstracts prior to determining whether you'll want the complete file from the county offices. In this index file, if there is no date listed, the probate was very early (usually prior to 1915). The smaller the probate number, the earlier the probate. Some have dates available on the Oregon State archives website.

We will check the DAR abstracts if you can not come in; the fee is $5 per probate number and will include the first 5 pages copied if there is an abstract in the DAR books. The DAR abstracts stop at 1900, we don't have any after that year.

Order a copy of a probate abstract (up to 1900) by sending your return address, index information, and per record to

For a full probate file, contact the Multnomah County Circuit Court by writing to

Multnomah County Circuit Court
Records Department, Room 131
1021 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204