Research Policy

The Forum has a small volunteer staff who search Forum resources for up to one hour for people who live outside the Portland area. The fee is $10 per half hour, ($10 minimum fee) plus $.25 for each copy made for you.

One inquiry per letter should be made. For instance: search for the death date of my ancestor; or copy the census index listings of my ancestor; or search the Multnomah County Marriage Index for my ancestor. If you want extensive research, you will have to contact a private researcher.

Records available for research include the following:

The Forum does have a few obituary files. Otherwise, the Oregon Death Index may provide the death date and county of death. A private researcher can then be hired to obtain an obituary from newspapers on microfilm at either the Multnomah County Library or the Oregon Historical Society Library.

The Forum is unable to accept phone or fax research requests at this time.

Email your request to , or mail it to: